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The Studio

Tension studio

Tension is a zen space in the heart of St-Henri, in Montréal, Canada. Just a few minutes walk from St-Henri metro, its warmth and comfort will charm you as soon as you step in it. Built and organized to accomodate shibari or kinbaku practices and classes, its Japanese-inspired aesthetic provides a calm environment in which to explore rope bondage.

We strive to create an environment free of racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia. It is important to us to keep to our values of inclusivity, body-positivity, and staying humble in our learning.

Renting Tension

Whether you want to have some private practice time for your shibari, want a quiet place to meditate, organize a photoshoot in a beautiful studio, Tension is available for rent to realize any of your projects. Contact us to inquire about our rates and availabilities!

Studio Availability
Everyday, 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM*

* Other hours available in special cases

POC Scholarships and Energy Exchange Program

If you identify as a person of colour and want to learn shibari at Tension, but are lacking the funds to do so, please contact us and we can hook you up with one of our POC scholarships! Spots are limited, but we will do our best to accommodate you.

If you do not identify as a person of colour (or do, but want to give back), you are welcome to ask about our energy exchange program. Sometimes, Tension needs volunteers to maintain the space, and the volunteers get perks and classes in exchange. We prioritize those who are dedicated and serious students at Tension, but lack the funds to continue coming to our classes.

Our Team



Sammy is a full-time shibari professional since 2015. Her curious and passionate nature brought her to spend most of her time and energy on shibari.

At Tension, she is responsible for organizing classes, as well as workshops with foreign presenters. She also takes care of the import of rope and other items we sell at the Tension shop.

Sammy often uses PrometheusV as her online alias.



Kate began to study shibari under Sammy in 2015 and has been thinking about it day and night since. As a Registered Massage Therapist, she acts as a caretaker at Tension. Adding a 15+ years dancing background in the mix, her classes focus more on an understanding of the human body, movements and nonverbal language.

She uses the alias Mademoiselle Kate when she ties, and Catherine when she does massage therapy



Monika is a full-time rope educator (on the bottoming side!) and organizer at Tension. She has a background in psychology research (in particular mental health and social psychology), and studio art (in particular painting and drawing). She now co-teaches the weekly classes with Sammy, and manages Tension’s social media.

Monika also often uses the alias Syrenka online.

Our Marketplace

Rope bundles

Tension provides different items that you can use to tie your partner. Of course we offer rope, but also candles, tenugui, carabiners, and all the items that you need to play. If you are from outside of Montreal, we also have an online store where you can get the ropes that we sell at the studio.

The rope we sell is imported directly from Japan, and hand treated by our team here in Montréal. We are proud to offer the best quality of rope so that our students and clients can, in turn, create the most beautiful moments with their partners.

— Link to our Etsy Store