Classes - Level 3

Level 3 

Once very comfortable with partial suspensions and capable of doing a 3 rope TK students can start doing "static suspensions - level 3" in these classes where we will push their techniques to new heights.

Level 3 classes are done simultaneously in "Exploring Suspension."
Classes, start at 6:30 and require a partner.


We will explore these Position “intentions” each semester in a series of 8 classes

  • Face up (on back)
  • Face down (On stomach)
  • Side
  • Sitting
  • Kneeling
  • Standing
  • Crouching (crab)
  • WITH objects (Lashing)

We approach each position from a partials perspective while giving options to more advanced students to go into full suspension while encouraging them to remain in their comfort zones.  


Classe schedule