Chez Kito Kat & Tension presents: Soiree Sibari XXXIV

février 02, 2021

Chez KitoKat and Tension - Soiree Shibari 34

A night to remember

2020 was a strange year, being unable to meet in large numbers and restricted from having group classes, it was a tough time. 

Chez Kito Kat wanted to collaborate on an event where there would be live music and shibari a plenty, they had seen us perform at NDC 2019 and had been itching to work together since. 

That gave us the idea to host our own mini NDC in order to control the amount of people and let everyone get a taste of what shibari is to different people. 

An ephemeral experience

Guaranteeing that each pass through tension would be a new experience. a twenty minute path passing through Tension pausing in front of 9 different tying stations and over 16 performers. 

Video of the experience

Archived Soiree Shibari pictures can be found here

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