Investigator Supreme

Do you want a reward for finding this?

I will give you an investigator Supreme badge for your thorough research on the site and reporting this back to me.


"No I don't want a badge"

Be Diligent

I can't just go throwing cookies, or badges for that matter around for no reason now can I? Badges pinned to the wrong person could cause confusion after all.

This is of course all in good fun.

List of necessary steps to get a badge

Create a momence account if you haven't already

Follow this link to create an account.

Include relevent information

  • Name
  • Email
  • What link you clicked on to find it.

Be prepared to gloat about your badge

  • Look at my awesome badge
  • Do you have an Investigator supreme badge?
  • I do...
  • Ha!
  • *Beams in pride*

Follow up with me if I haven't given it to you

I get REALLY busy ok give me a break. =^-^;=

"Where's my investigators badge huh?"

Totally valid.



Go explore some more!

Maybe there will be more easster eggs to find.