Open Practice Code of Conduct 

1 - Be aware of the physical space you are using 

It is not an issue when there are only 3-4 people at Open Space, but when there is a lot of people, the tatami mats can get crowded quickly. If you're not tying, move to a couch space to leave room for those who are tying, and clear your ropes and toys from the area when you're done 

2 - Be aware of the sounds you are making 

When tying, people often get into a very vulnerable state. If you are speaking or laughing loudly it might disturb people and prevent them from living out this vulnerable moment, transforming it into a negative experience. Even when not directly in the tying space, the level of your conversations can affect people’s scenes.

3 - Be aware of how your play affects others 

There are already a lot of places for people to practice spanking, flogging, and other types of lively BDSM practices, but not as many for people to share calm, intimate moments in rope. This is what Tension aims to provide, and play that is focused on too much brutal torture, with sudden loud noises, will disturb a calmer environment to play. We encourage everyone to practice all of their kinks safely, but also in an environment suited to them. 

If you are unsure if what you want to do could potentially disturb others' scenes just ask and we'll talk it over. 

4 - Be aware of your limits and those of your partner 

Tension aims to be a safe(r) space for Shibari practitioners. That is true in terms of consent but also in terms of physical safety. Make sure that you understand the ties that you are using. and know the risks involved with the patterns you are tying. If you are unsure about a technique or element that you want to use ask someone who is more experienced than you about it 

NB: Even when not suspended. Tying to posts or to a suspension point can prove to be very dangerous. Especially if the bottom falls or faints. Make sure the techniques you use are safe even if your partner does not stand straight 

If you are interested in doing louder play;