Kenjutsu Practice at Tension

The art was originally founded during the Muromachi period in Japan. The Muromachi period, also known as the "Warring States Period" was a time of great strife for Japan. It was a time when Daimyo or warlords from various provinces were vying for military supremacy.

Classes are taught in a formal setting. This is to ensure safety of all students safety of all students and to preserve traditions and techniques which have been passed down for centuries.

Currently practitioners work with great dedication to preserve Japan’s history and culture by attempting to practice and perform the art’s curriculum as close to the originating principles and style that the founder created over 500 years ago.

The classes are steeped in tradition and ritual. This is practiced both for safety, and to preserve the history.

The school is accepting dedicated and disciplined students from all walks of life (Students must be 18 years and older). Classes are conducted at Tension in the village from 7pm to 9pm. Visitors are welcome.

Please call ahead (514) 557-3006 or by emailing in order to gain access.

The cost for the monthly course is on a sliding scale 50$ going towards Tension for rental of the space and the difference going to Hyo Setsu Kenjutsu Dojo