Do I need a Partner?

For the classes and most workshops, you do need someone to learn with. For Thursday and Saturdays' open practices, you can come alone and take fundamentals or meet people.

What should I wear?

As long as your genitals are covered, you can wear pretty much anything you want. Some people wear yoga clothes, others stay in normal, everyday clothes, and some are just in their underwear. Try to avoid studs and all other metal elements that could damage the tatami mats, but apart from that you can wear anything you feel comfortable in!

What language are the classes in?

The classes are given both in English and French at the same time, making sure that everyone taking the classes can follow along.

Do I have to be thin/flexible/young/etc. to be tied up?

No. Shibari is for everyone. You don’t need to be able to do anything special to be tied up, you just need to like it! No matter what your body looks like or can do, there is always a way to tie enjoyably.

When can I start level 2/Can I skip to level 2?

Before people come to level 2, the teachers need to make sure that the student knows, understands and can efficiently tie a 3-rope chest harness (Takate Kote). The best way to learn this is to come to level 1 classes, but if you have learned elsewhere, you just need to come to any practice and let one of our teachers evaluate your tying.

Do guys get tied up too?

Yes. And it is very hot too!

Where can I buy rope?

We sell top quality jute rope at the studio, or you can also find some on the internet. Just make sure that you buy jute or hemp rope, because other materials don’t work with the techniques we teach at Tension.

Do I need to reserve a spot for Practice/Class?

Fundamentals requires preregistration as we can only take 10 students per class and it is often full, reservation guarantees your spot in class. It is a good idea to reserve your spot in advance for any level class as it makes the intake process go faster. For the classes, please make sure that you come on time, we start at 7pm sharp, you have 30 minutes before class to practice what you know and warm up. It is mandatory to reserve your spot for workshops and intensives. Open space is drop in, you can come and leave at any time between 6:00pm and 10:00pm (Thursdays) and 6pm-midnight on Saturdays. IMPORTANT: We require that everyone who ties in our space has a profile in our system and signs a waiver. Your profile also allows you to reserve your spot in class or open space and you can pay online or once you arrive.

Do I need to be in a relationship with my tying partner?

We encourage people to be comfortable with being close with their tying partner, but it is not a requirement to learn or practice.

Can I just come to watch?

Yes! The ideal events to come and watch are Thursday and Saturday’s open space, and Soirée Shibari performance events. You can’t come and watch during classes, though.