Tension Values

Tension Values Wall

The need for values

In order to legitimize & promote a healthy community and to achieve the vision we have for Tension the need to sit down and analyse who we are was necessary.

We established FIVE core values each student should adhere to; I will...

The following expansion on that core precept is what Tension as an organization will strive for, not to say that a student should not as well, those are: 

Accountability // I will... 
Hold myself accountable when criticized,

– Acknowledging and assuming responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies. It can be applied to both individual accountability on the part of employees or accountability of the company as a whole with systems extending beyond to students and or customers which identify and allow them to potentially rectify their behavior.

Communication //  I will... 
Communicate & negotiate boundaries; Always treat others with respect and kindness,

– We value ever evolving communication skills; Consent, negotiation, queer movements, equality, support of LGBTQI+ & BIPOC peoples. Racism, hate, binary gender advocacy, pro life values, Ableism or oppression of any kind will not be tolerated in our space. We work to achieve a higher level of moral justice / strive for fairer ethics, and put in place new education systems to help people evolve.

Safety // I will... 
Maintain vigilance and keep the safety of myself & my partner in mind at all times,

Ensuring the health and safety of employees and students by equipping them with the knowledge and going beyond the legal requirements, i.e; accountability circles, dealing with gray zones, in order to provide an accident free, emotionally healing, tying space.

Community // I will... 
be an example within the community; a community is only as good as those within it,

– Contributing to society and demonstrating organizational social responsibility by attempting to keep those within our community accountable; Helping the community grow, providing tools, a Safe(r) Space and guidance through leading by example. Supporting local artists in their development and maintaining a beautiful artistic learning space our community can be proud of.

Discipline // I will... 
Strive to tie within the boundaries of my understanding & learn through repetition.

– Whether it’s art, sports or martial arts, the dedication to the basic fundamentals of our craft is paramount to being able to achieve a higher level of mastery. Creativity and ingenuity will come naturally as long as we are open to new ideas and concepts with which we can then develop our voice.

Having said all that - Remember to have fun!