Partial & Static suspension - Level 2 - red

(Tuesday **See schedule)

After mastering the techniques taught in "floor play - level 1" and after having taken your Upline class (Taught once a month); students can start taking level 2 classes to learn suspension techniques and new harnesses.

In exploring suspension we want to approach the learning method in the same manner as floor play. Students will learn in a two tier approach within this same class using standard positions we will explore while remaining within their level "partial or static"

We will explore these Position “intentions” each semester in a series of 8 classes

  • Face up (on back)
  • Face down (On stomach)
  • Side
  • Sitting
  • Kneeling
  • Standing
  • Crouching (crab)
  • WITH objects (Lashing)

Level 2 class start at 6:30 and require a partner

The price for individual classes is $55 per couple, $140 for three classes or a semester package available for $320

REQUIREMENTS:Classes: Fundamentals, 8 floorplay classes or equivalent, Uplines class

Equipment: Set of Carabiners or a Ring + 8 Ropes.

Classe schedule