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  • Mr O

    Mr O is a creative sadist with a love of medical play, a penchant for violent grappling scenes, and a very cute bum. Having spent over two decades as a jiu jitsu competitor and instructor, he has found ways to apply his knowledge of body mechanics to kinky play and shares that in his teaching. Active in the Canadian BDSM scene since 2005, he regularly puts on workshops internationally as well as locally in the Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa areas on subjects including wrestling, grappling and medical play. With an engineering based background and scientific mind, he is known for continually inventing new devices and ways to hurt people “for science”. When he’s not being nice he can be a bit mean. And vice versa 

    Mr O believes strongly that successful scenes start with careful negotiation, and so teaches workshops and private classes on negotiation and consent.

  • Ropey Bunny

    Ropeybunny is a playful, energetic and experimental masochist who is an active contributor to the Ottawa and Montreal community. Starting off with rope, she eventually discovered a love for medical play and all things scary. She often finds herself in painfully sadistic situations and is excited to share her passions with you. Ropeybunny believes in fostering an atmosphere of open communication where bottoms can share their knowledge along side tops and enjoys teaching (and taking) classes that are co-taught.

  • Toy

    toy has been active in the the BDSM and rope scene for over 10 years and has been educating internationally as well as in her local community of Ottawa/Montreal/Toronto for about 5. She is passionate about sharing her experience with other bottoms so they can safely explore some of the scarier and more intimate aspects of both psychological and physical play. As an educator, she firmly believes in classes that include both top and bottom perspectives, as it empowers both to create a safer and ultimately more fulfilling scene or dynamic. She is one of the cofounders & instructors of CORE - A Collective in Ottawa for Rope Education, which aims to provide foundational rope classes welcoming people of all genders, abilities, ages, socio-economics, & orientations from a range of communities in the Ottawa area

Please look at the details closely to see if the clase is booked by DUO or INDIVIDUALLY.

Classes with "House of O" are in english.