A host of classes

followed by a Guided Practice*

A group period to refine your hypnotist and trance skills. Practice is necessary to develop in hypnosis. You may come with a partner, or solo. An instructor will be available to guide participants.

To attend you must have done the 101 – Intro to Hypnosis &
read and understand the attendee's engagement.

The 101 – Intro to Hypnosis class is given once a month and alternates between french and english.

*The first week of each month has a double format class

  • Herrozod portrait organizer for Hypno group


    has been practicing erotic hypnosis for nearly a decade. The subject always fascinated him, from the innocent cartoons he grew up with, to the filthy erotica he can’t get enough of. But there is a large gap between fiction and reality, which makes the kink difficult to access. For over two years, he’s taken the role of educator to share his knowledge and help other appreciate the many sexual possibilities of the human mind.

Attendee Engagement

1) The erotic hypnosis I’m being taught is for recreational purposes only. It can never be used for therapeutic, or medical purposes. I will never present myself, or act as a therapist without the proper official accreditation. It’s the law.

2) Hypnosis presents serious risks for people suffering from psychotic tendencies (schizophrenia, borderline personality, psychosis) and is counterindicated.

3) I respect at all times consent practices that are Free, Informed, Revocable, Enthousiastic, and Specific. I respect everyone’s right to refuse being hypnotised, and to refuse to hypnotise me, whatever the reason may be.

4) During learning and play sessions the role of the support-people is to teach and guide, not to hypnotise me. My role is to learn, practice, and have fun.

5) I strive to not disturb activities, to not monopolise the attention of support-people, and to keep my questions on the current topic.

6) I will never use hypnosis to abuse anyone psychologically, emotionally, financially, or for other coercive ends.

7) I will never use hypnosis with the goal of recruting or indoctrinating into a harem, a cult, or any other organisation.

8) Whether I am hypnotist or hypnotee, I negociate in good faith, I respect my and my partner’s limits, I am realistic in my expectations and my aptitudes. I communicate or take into account all physical, mental, traumatic, neuro-divergent, etc. conditions that could affect the hypnotic experience.

9) Maintaining agency is the responsibility of all involved parties, I commit to do all I can to insure my capacity and that of others to remove consent by putting in place and using the necessary means for any discomfort to be communicated quickly, efficiently, and easily.

10) I communicate problems as quickly as possible to my partners so they can be addressed. I report any consent violation to a support-person.

11) I accept the risks inherent to erotic hypnosis like any BDSM activity. My own safety is my responsibility and my priority.

12) I accept all the rules specific to the hosting venue.