Room Rentals

Rent space at Tension

We are always looking for more activities to offer that fall near to our values and services. 

Are you an artist, massage therapist, yogi, counsellor nomad looking for rooms to book your services? We might have what you are looking for in an ideal location accessible by two metros! 

Main Hall - Tension

Main Hall

This room is 1200sq ft - Can easily fit parties of 50-75, ready with 12 suspension points or made clean to your specifications. Mostly free during morning and afternoons during the week, some weekend afternoons available. Larger booking periods at a future date to be negotiated. Book this room now for 80$/h  

Poly Room 2020

The "Poly" Room

400 sq ft, ideal for yoga, meditation, small conferences, can comfortably fit 20-25 people. Complete with rig, ready with room for 8 suspension points, 10 if you want to be a little crammed. Book this room now for 30$/h

Private Room

The Private Room

Byfar our most popular room for rentals. The private room is ideal for 1 or 2 couples for privates or intimate fun, has numerous suspension points allowing for dynamic creativity and possibility of creating special moments with your partners. It is calming and beautifully worked with multiple options for lighting. Book this room now for 20$/h

Therapy Room

Therapy Room

Conceived to bring a sense of serenity to those within it. It's wood smell, textures and calming spirit will bring about a sense of escapism imparting the feelings of far away cottage retreats. Ideal rental for one on ones, massage, counselling, small group discussions for 2-8 people max while retaining the sense of thoughtfulness imparted by the décor. Book this room now for 20$/h