Shibari / Kinbaku - Workshops


We sometimes offer special workshops on a specific topic at Tension. Take a look at our calendar to see when the next one is!

These classes can be categorized into two sections:

Learning to use rope in the bedroom can sometimes be frustrating, you want to get down to business but you frictions and knots keep slipping. In this class you will learn to: Use single column in creative ways around the body. Some body manipulation techniques when someone is all tied up... or isn't yet! Reminders and pointers for creating sensation and connection. Flow control for sexy times.

This off-curriculum class is aimed at anyone (total beginners or advanced riggers) who wants to add a bit of pain to their rope play. We will cover techniques to safely tie different body parts in painful, restrictive ways. We will cover safe zones to inflict pain with rope, and ways to restrict breath and movement. Prerequisite: having completed our Fundamentals class, or knowing your basic single column tie and frictions. $25 per person. We strongly encourage that you come with a partner. Doors at noon, workshop 12:30-3:30pm. Bring your ropes if you have some. You can buy ropes or borrow some for the class.

This class is about... taking time to ground yourself, breath...

Special guests and or International workshops tend to be longer intensives that span a day, whole weekends or potentially at some point a whole week.

We have been blessed to have welcomed the following special guests for workshops in the past:

Nawashi Kanna, Nicolas Yoroi, Tifereth, Docvale & Jaz, Gorgone, Barkas, Alex Mino & Lello Li, Pedro Cordas, Fred RX

Future plans

We are working on an extensive accountability processes and an educators code of conduct / social contract requirements that in future may hinder who might be willing to present at Tension as our requirements for presenters in future will be quite stringent.

There are currently no plans for international guests though we have discussed with a few potential presenters for post covid workshops.