Private rope session - Shibari / kinbaku - being tied up

Private rope session - Shibari / kinbaku - being tied up

Is being tied up in a private session something you wish for? To let go and lose control or to learn about being in rope, to discover or push your limits and to get in touch with your body.  For those who wish, we can take photos during the session so you can see yourself in rope and to keep the memory.

What should I wear?

Ideally you will wear tight fitting stretchy clothing or underwear. It’s important that your clothes don’t bunch up too much because it can potentially create difficult to manage pressure points. Unless previously negotiated, genitals must remain covered at all times.

Does it hurt?

It can hurt but it doesn’t have to. There is almost certainly a degree of discomfort at some point during a rope scene, but based on your preferences this can be mitigated.

How do I prepare for the scene?

  • You should eat at least an hour before, as you would before a workout. 
  • Be well hydrated, go to the bathroom before we start.
  • Gentle warm up is recommended but not mandatory. 
  • Good hygiene is very important in close proximity. 
  • If you are a smoker, please wash your face and hands before our session.

How long does the session last, what does a typical session look like?

Typically the entire session lasts 2-3 hours.

The first portion is to get to know each other and negotiate the scene. We don’t determine exactly what will happen but rather delineate your limits and desires and I cater the session based on the info you provide, respecting my own limits as well. 

Then we tie -  this can last between 30min - 60+min depending on our combined energies and the natural progression of the scene. It doesn't always need to be long to be deeply impactful and satisfying. 

The last part is aftercare, which looks differently for different people. It can be a cuddle and/or a debrief about the scene that we shared or something else, as we determine in the first part. 

The debrief is an essential exchange after the scene. Depending on the intensity of the session an additional follow up in the days to come may be needed/desired.

What if I don’t know what I want?

Often people new to rope or BDSM don’t know what they like in a scene or what they need for aftercare, but they have a fairly good idea of what they want to experience. This is a good place to start. The rest we figure out together as much as possible and generally err on the side of caution and do our best to communicate clearly.

Does the price change depending on the type of scene?

The base price is $250 for the session, it doesn’t matter if we do suspension, floorwork or in between, the time and energy as well and the knowledge and experience I bring is the same.

Certain requests that are outside of a typical scope of shibari may cost more.

Can you come to me?

Depending on where you live it could be possible, but safeguards will need to be put in place for our mutual protection.

How do I book my session 

Beyond the security aspect associated with this practice, many things need to  discussed with the rigger before we can begin to tie. It is best if you contact us by phone or come visit us at Tension before booking.

If you are a return client you may book your session here

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